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Schnittke string quartet no. 3 - 3rd movement

Recorded live on the Danish island Møn in September 2019, this was a cold but amazing experience. Playing music in such a setting is something we will never forget!

Beethoven string quartet i c minor, op. 18 no. 4

In the fall of 2018 we did our first Beethoven cycle in Copenhagen at DSQ Festival. Playing his sixteen string quartets in six consecutive days was tough, but also a rewarding travel in many ways. This is from the second day of the festival - live from Bygningskulturens Hus in Copenhagen.

Shostakovich quartet no.15 - Elegie

This music is from our album PRISM I, released on ECM Sep. 21, 2018. Video by Francesco Scarponi.

Æ Rømeser

A traditional Danish tune from the island of Fanø. Music has been played here for several centuries, and the title of this particular tune refers to the southern neighbor island of Rømø. Video by Wojciech Zych.

Debussy string quartet in g minor, 1st mov.

From a concert in the Rose Studio at Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, November 2014

Beethoven string quartet i c# minor, op. 131

From a concert in the Alice Tully Hall at Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, February 2016

Shine You no More

A tune written by Rune for our album Last Leaf. The inspiration came after listening to a song by the English renaissance composer John Downland called 'Flow my Tears'. In this song from 1596 he uses a very nice chord progression that became the foundation for the C part of Shine You no More. Fun fact: John Dowland was actually composer at the Danish court under King Christian IV.

Beethoven string quartet in a minor, op. 132, 1st mov.

This is the first recording we did as part of the BBC New Generation Scheme. One of our favorite pieces – Beethoven op. 132.